Finds and findings from the Swedish excavations in the Viterbo region

Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Viterbo

Rocca Albornoz, Piazza della Rocca

Texts by Yvonne Backe-Forsberg, Eva Rystedt, Charlotte Scheffer, Margareta Strandberg Olofsson, Charlotte Wikander and Örjan Wikander, edited by Margareta Strandberg Olofsson. The English texts have been checked by Arne Olofsson.

© photographs in the text Reiner Karlstedt and Margareta Strandberg Olofsson

The exhibition presents finds and findings of the archaeological excavations in the Viterbo region which have been carried out by the Swedish Institute for classical studies in Rome. It focuses on the sites of Acquarossa and San Giovenale, especially during their maximum expansion, c. 625–550 BC. The following presentation is based on the texts on posters in the permanent exhibition in the Museo Nazionale in Viterbo, inaugurated in 1986 and expanded in 2006.

The courtyard

Pianta della mostra



The rooms

Room 1. Acquarossa and San Giovenale. Introduction

Room 2. San Giovenale

Room 3 and room 4. Acquarossa. Houses and roofs

Room 5. Acquarossa. The monumental area

Room 6. Acquarossa. Roof-tiles: variants. Objects

Room 7. Acquarossa. Daily life and women

Selected bibliography

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