Zone L. The courtyard with a niche for cooking

This area, situated on the very edge of the hill, is a good example of a group of buildings with different possible functions, house to live in, store-room and maybe barn for the livestock.

In the courtyard, there was a niche cut out in the rock for cooking. For the preparation of food, a cooking-stand was used with a jar on top. One of the stands was found in situ, in the niche, another one, barrel-shaped, in a store-room.  

In addition, fragments were discovered of large storage vessels, dolia, probably used for foodstuffs. This kind of vessel may be of considerable height, c. 1 metre.

Apart from the large and coarse objects, this zone has given us pottery in finer wares, for instance bucchero (black and grey), an Ionian cup and Etrusco-Corinthian pottery from well-known painters or workshops.