Zone B. The house of the acroterion

This is one of several comparatively well-preserved areas along the edge of the plateau. Here the remains have been protected by a substantial layer of soil, as opposed to the situation in the higher central part, which had been destroyed extensively by agricultural activities before the excavations began.

Among the finds you can see an acroterion from the first phase (c. 625–600 BC) in the shape of two antithetical animals shown in profile. The acroterion, which was about half a metre high and some 60 centimetres across, was attached to a ridge-tile and decorated the top of the gable.

There is also a roof from the latest period (c. 575–550 BC), which boasts some functional solutions, here a skylight-tile with a lid. 

In one of the houses were found a large number of loom-weights, and in the courtyard, there was a well with some well-preserved pottery.