The street

The street which comes from the north-western entrance of the town, passes between Zone F, in the north, and Zone C, in the south, and leads to the top of the plateau, situated in the south.

It is paved with small stones and bordered with blocks. With a curve it turns around the building in Zone C, which shows that the street system was not a rectangular one but adapted to the topography and buildings of the site. This street separates the monumental area from the more profane ones, such as Zone C, where an oven was discovered beneath the house from the latest period.

If you followed this street in Etruscan times, you would arrive in the central area, where the most important buildings were probably located, judging from the sporadic finds in this area. There have been found fragments of relief plaques with larger dimensions than the ones in the monumental area and also fragments of columns. Sadly, the remains of the buildings have been destroyed by ploughs, because they were too close to the surface.