Eastern part of Zone F. The house of the rams

In an easterly direction from the monumental area, there is another area, separated from the monumental one by a gully. On both sides of this gorge, there are terracing walls to support the buildings. 

In this area, there are two buildings, one to the north, very similar in plan and size to the one in Zone C, and another one in the south, once decorated on the roof with ram’s heads in terracotta.

During the first phase of roof-tile production (c. 625–600 BC), there was experimentation both with the painted decoration and with the shape of the different elements. The lateral sima attached to the pan-tile is a result of these experiments. Above every spout, there was a ram’s head.

Since it is close to the small sanctuary in the monumental area, it may have been the residence of the probably important family who were in charge of it, if they did not have their home in the area itself.