The Monumental Area. Pottery

Most of the pottery found in the monumental area belongs to the latest period. There are all kinds of vessels, from large containers and transport amphorae to smaller jars, cups and miniature vases. Some of the many vases found in the courtyard may have been votive. In the collapse of the houses, the pottery standing in and around them was smashed to pieces under the weight of the tiles falling from the roofs, but often the fragments of a certain vase were found together more or less where it was once standing.

The large dolia sometimes have a painted decoration in white on red, a technique inspired by pottery from Cerveteri.  Bucchero, pottery widespread in this part of Etruria, is represented in jugs and drinking cups, and so is Etrusco-Corinthian pottery. There are also Greek imports, such as Ionian cups, a Samian lekythos and Corinthian as well as East Greek transport amphorae for oil or wine. Transport amphorae, imported or Etruscan, are a type of pottery which at Acquarossa has been found only in the monumental area.