Pian del Sale. Geography. The excavations

You are now standing at Pian del Sale. From this point, looking north-west, you can see Montefiascone. Beyond that town are situated Lake Bolsena and the town of Bolsena. Acquarossa is thus to be found in the inner part of Etruria, unlike the coastal cities of Tarquinia (Tarquinii) and Cerveteri (Caere) in the south-west.

The habitation has been examined by means of a series of trial trenches (designated by numbers), 1 metre wide, and, in places of particular interest, expansions or zones (letters on the map). In 2014, a geophysical survey of Pian del Sale was carried out in order to compare  results of different methods.

 From Pian del Sale you can reach the main plateau, further to the south-east, still following the ancient road.